Urban Safari…It’s a Jungle in Here!

Combine a city view with a national zoological park and the “Urban Safari” look is born!

Get off the beaten path…

and experience the eccentric wild side with an urban twist!

The materials of the Urban Safari look…

animal prints, geometric patterns, tribal accents, sleek finishes, clean lines and metallics.

Incorporate textures like these…

 The color palette for Urban Safari

includes neutrals mixed with deep reds and metallic hues.

Animal prints are experiencing a new popularity,

especially when used in combination with modern and contemporary designs.

Fashionable furniture in an animal print is both bold and classy.


Refined surfaces with primitive designs create contrast

Make a dramatic statement with an animal print carpet on your stairway…


…or a zebra rug on your office floor.

Multi-function design is a plus…

this table top is removable to use as a tray!

Bring some animals in with bold statuary

Take a walk on the wild side with graphic animal prints

or make a bold statement on a small wall with a

leopard print wallpaper!

Give Fido his own touch of safari with a jungle print dog bed...


And…don’t forget the holidays!

Add a little wild to your Christmas tree with animal print ornaments!


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  1. Wonderful post! Love the urban jungle style!

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